Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

Finally spring as arrived!

The weather could hardly be more beautiful.

Ever so slowly, the grass is growing. The vegetables are sprouting from the ground. 

Asparagus! YUM YUM

New leaves and blossoms are on the trees.

And all the creatures are slowly coming out into the warm sun.

It feels like the farm is coming back to life, after a long cold winter.

Springtime is very busy on the farm, there will be animals ready to sell, sheep to shear and hay to make. Always lots of jobs!

HULK the bull calf has found a new Mum. One of PopPop's cows had a dead calf, and she has adopted HULK as her own.  HULK did not really want to leave us, but it is for the best. We played a little trick on them both, Mum sprayed hairspray on HULK and on the cow's nose to make them smell the same and after a night in the yards together they fell in love. I hope she looks after him well or she will have me to answer to!

HULK and his new MUM!


  1. Hairspray hey? I'll have to remember that clever little trick! Spring is here too, the black cockatoos and the Storm Birds (Channel Billed Cuckoos) are out and about being NOISY!

  2. Hi KT. I love your blog. I like this entry because I am so excited that it is Spring too. Where I live we are seeing lots of kangaroos with their joeys just getting out of their pouches. I have never seen asparagus growing so thank you for showing the picture.


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