Friday, September 9, 2011

Blast of Winter!

What happened to those sun shiny is freezing today!

We had to find our beanies, jackets and gumboots AGAIN!

Hello stranger!

The blast of winter has bought bad news with it. PopPop had two cows die yesterday, both have baby calves. We are not sure what they died of, so Oppy took some fluid from them to the vet for testing this morning. In the meantime we have to go and catch some calves. They will make good friends for Clover now that Hulk has a new mum. He is growing like CRAZY!

Our two new calves are called Freckles and Stella. One is a boy and one is a girl. They are bigger than Clover and VERY, VERY strong!

 Meet Stella

and Freckles!

The rain is lovely, it will make the grass grow even more when the weather warms up. It is sure helping some of the plants in Mum's vegie patch.

The potatoes are all up, I hope 'Jack Frost' doesn't come to visit!

and the parsley seeds have all sprouted.

My chooks have been very busy, they love rain, they love chasing grubs. They are laying so many eggs, this week I sold my first dozen. They are good girls!

Good on you GIRLS!

except look where we found Frosty this afternoon, helping herself at the silo!

Get out of there!


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  2. Benjamin wants a ride on the baby bulls!!! Well done on your first sale Kaitlyn! xxLenehans.


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