Monday, September 19, 2011

Down at the Milk Bar!

Springtime sure is a busy time. There is so much happening!

Cattle work is finished for a while, all the calves are marked and back in the paddocks.
We still have a little to do with calves everyday, morning and night. Feeding five hungry calves!
Dad has made a special milk bar for them, it is a lot easier than bottles!

Stella, Queenie, Freckles, Stinky and Clover (front to back)

All the animals are being taken off the crops Dad and PopPop sowed, we save them now so we can harvest some grain from them in the summer. The grain will go in the silos, some for animal feed and maybe some to sell, it just depends on how much we get.

remember when these were little straight soldiers in rows!

Meat lambs off crops....nearly ready for sale?

BUT first of all it needs to hurry up and rain, it is drying out fast!!!!
Mum and Dad say the weather is TOO warm. Last week we had all the ingredients for an early summer with big frosts, very warm sunny days and some awful hot strong winds. Those things together are not good for growing grass or crops.

BUT they are great for playing outside!

The weatherman said the same weather is here all this week too.
Summer may be coming a little too early......bring back SPRING!

A new motorbike arrived last week, it was time to trade in the old one. It was very shiny until Dad rode through some cow poo!

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  1. B and Oliver want to have a go on the new motorbike please!!! xxxLenehans.


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