Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day Spa visit for Lambs

The meat lambs are getting fatter and fatter. They are nearly ready to go to sale. But before they can go, all their bottoms need to be cleaned up. The shearers came and cleaned up all the lambs that are nearly ready for sale. Dad says he hopes all these ones are sold before Christmas The lambs too small for sale have all been shorn, they will grow a bit better without their wool on.

I love working in the shearing shed.

BUT sometimes I get a little tired, lucky there are plenty of warm cosy places to rest!


When the weather turns warm flies appear. Flies are a bit of a nusiance on the farm especially when it comes to sheep. Dad gives the meat lambs a shower with some special chemical that will keep the flies away. We really don't want our lambs to get sick or fly blown now they are nearly ready for sale!

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