Saturday, September 22, 2012

Incredible Hulk!

Amazing what a drop of rain can do....on Tuesday we had a good fall of rain.

And the grass in the paddocks has started to grow, like crazy!

The farm has started to turn from a winter brown to a happy green!

Mother nature plays a very important part on our farm.
We need the rain and the sun to make the grasses grow.
 The animals eat the grass and turn it into meat and wool.
Then we harvest the meat and wool and feed and clothe people everywhere!

Today five of our steers have left the farm, they are entered in a competition. 
Incredible Hulk is the heaviest steer in the team, he weighs 460kg!

Do you remember the boy on the left....this is HULK...hasn't he grown up BIG!

They will travel to a big feedlot with lots of other cattle.
They will be fed special food everyday for 110 days and they will grow bigger and bigger.
I hope they are happy there.
Maybe I can go and visit them sometime.

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