Monday, September 10, 2012

Worst of the Best!

A beautiful sun shiny day and what better way to spend it then outside!

Time to sort the good from the bad. 

The 1/1/2 year old sheep are in the yards today and Mum and Dad inspect each and every one. 

We are looking for lots of good sheep. We want good wool. Long, white and crimpy!

We want them big too.

And they need to stand up tall and strong. There are lots of things to look for.
Mum and Dad are very fussy, they don't like black spots, bad feet or little sheep!
"Watch have to be good!"

Blue Nose = BAD sheep

The bad sheep will be sold, maybe to another farmer. 
They might not think they are so bad.
While they are in the yards the sheep get some medicine. 
Some of them are a bit dopey and pooey, that medicine will fix them.

And there is always time for a bit of fun in the sun!

And a snack!

I don't think you have met by baby sister....I would like to introduce Baby Erin!

 Before we pack up and head home. 

What a load...."with Bear king of the castle!"

1 comment:

  1. All I can say is “I’m glad I’m not a sheep”, I may not pass the inspection?


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