Sunday, September 16, 2012


Round them up and run them in! 
Calf marking, a week of cattle work. 
Most of the cows have calved now and it is time to start marking the calves before they get TOO big!
The cows and calves are taken to the cattle yards.
This year some cows have had twins, that is not a very common thing in cows.
We have 4 sets of twins!

And for just a very short time they are separated from each other.

Just like all the baby lambs the calves have to have a couple of operations done to them.
First a needle to protect them from disease, an earmark so we know what farm they belong to.
The girl calves are done then,..... BUT the boys have one more operation that makes them very cranky!

It is noisy work every cow is mooing so loud. Calling for their baby.
When the job is finished and they are all back together it is peaceful again. 
Thank goodness...they were giving me a headache!

A busy couple of weeks ahead, it is springtime on the farm and it is action stations!
All the lambs are due to get their second dose of medicine.
And this week we need to prepare the shearing shed because next week shearing starts.

I am really lucky this year because we will be shearing in the school holidays....
that means I get to help!

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  1. "Love it KT - so nicely done -your cattle look great.


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