Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sweet as Honey, Cold as Ice!

It would seem that we have not seen the last of winter! 
After some lovely sunny days it has turned grey and cold AGAIN!

Because it is so cold the grass in the paddocks has not really started to grow. 
Mum and Dad are moving mobs of sheep from paddock to paddock. 
Paddocks need to be empty for a little while for the grass to grow.
Normally in September the grass would be starting to grow, but our winter has been alot colder than normal and things are running late.

All the meat lambs are on the crop. 

In about 2 weeks the lambs will have to be taken off the crop, so the crop can grow for grain.

The steer weaners are also on the crop and they love it.

Dad has to make a few repairs to the fence, those cheeky meat lambs were getting out!

Remember those buzzy bees we robbed.....

there are buckets and buckets of honey....what alot of honey I have! 
5/1/2 kilograms of honey!

Our very own honey....and enough to last a long time!

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