Monday, May 28, 2012

Getting Down and Dirty!

Lambing is finished. Now its time for some fun! Lamb marking!

Every mob of ewes and lambs needs to be mustered to the yards. 
We start marking the meat lambs first, they grow the fastest and soon they will be too big to lift!
Dad drafts the lambs from their mothers so they can be operated on.
 Every lamb is caught,................ I think I am big enough to help this year?

the lambs are put into a special cradle, 

 while it is in the cradle some special operations take place.
First an earmark so we know the lamb is ours...

then a needle for diseases.

The boy lambs get another extra special operation, so they do not all grow up to be rams!
And then just like the "three blind mice"....they have their tails taken off. 
If we left their tails on they would get very dirty bottoms, and the flies would love it!
A pity they can't wipe their bottom!

The lambs are a bit sore for a little while, but they run off to their Mums and a bit of warm milk soon makes them forget!

A dirty job...might be time for a wash!

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