Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pesky Pigs and Wicked Weeds!

We would really like a drop of rain, hopefully the weatherman will be right, he says the rain will be here tonight, 

The crops are all up and growing.

 Dad was really busy yesterday spraying weeds and spreading fertiliser on the crops he sowed last month. 

I call this tractor Henry....Henry Ford. He is a bit old and even looks a bit cranky
 BUT he gets the job done.

This black pipe drops pink blobs all over the paddock,
 it lets Dad know where he has been and where he has to go!

The sprayer's arms are 18 metres wide, that is a long way to stretch. 
My arms are only a metre wide, just long enough to cuddle Mum and Dad.
The tank holds 2000 litres of water. Alot bigger than my tummy!

Dad has discovered another pesky problem.....PIGS....wild PIGS!

We have not seen them but we can sure see where they have been!
They are making a real mess, ripping up the paddocks! And making holes in the fences.

Not sure what we can do about them.... 
maybe we will have to trap them and turn them into bacon!

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