Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First Week of Winter!

The first week of winter....and it has been very cold, in some places it has even snowed!

Our first weekend of winter was spent hosting FarmDay, we had some great visitors come to our farm. 
I will tell you all about them later.

The weather turned very bleak after that and we haven't got many jobs done. 
Mum has spent some time on the motorbike moving stock from paddock to paddock! 
Dad has a bad cold so he has to stay inside and keep warm.

The ewes and lambs that have been marked are moving to fresh paddocks. 

Can you spot the odd one out?

They won't be back now until it is time to wean the lambs from their mothers.
Maybe some will be big enough to sell by then!

There are more lambs to mark and ewes to drench but they are all too wet. 
We have to wait until the sheep and the yards dry out. 

Then it will be all hands on deck!

The wet weather has bought plenty of bird life to the big dam behind our house,
 hundreds of water hens and two very different ducks arrived today, Australian Shelducks.

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