Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lambing Disasters!

Lambing is nearly finished. Dad and PopPop have certainly had alot of headaches.

It seems the ewes wanted to do nothing but DIE.

In the beginning the ewes had lambing sickness and quite a few died. 
It seemed nothing they did worked. Eventually this problem solved itself and THEN..

WORMS and a bad one, called Barbers takes all the blood from the sheep and then they die!

"Its OK girl...we will look after your baby. I am afraid you are too sick and you might die!"

 Only one way to fix it with medicine. 
It is difficult to drench the ewes with medicine while they are still lambing, Dad had to make yards in the paddock so the ewes did not have to walk far and they could get straight back with their lambs.

Maybe the ewes are missing me, last year Mum and I checked them everyday. 
This year I have to be at school. 
Each day when I come home on the bus I wonder whether Dad will have a surprise for me.....a baby lamb?

SO FAR Dad has had 6 surprises for me! 


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