Monday, May 21, 2012

Autumn Days

Autumn days are on the countdown, winter is just around the corner. 

Lambing is nearly finished, just a few left to go....

Can you see what I see?

The ewes have had beautiful weather for lambing hardly any cold, bleak days. 
The lambs are growing fast. When winter arrives they will be all be big and strong.

Mum and I went for a drive around all the ewes on the weekend. 
When I go along it is alot quicker, I can open and close the gates. I am just tall enough.

I can just reach!

Jack Frost has been to visit us recently, when we wake in the morning the countryside is white with frost.
 He certainly leaves his mark! The grasses get burnt by the icy cold frost.

The paddocks look dry and need a drop of rain. The weather man says maybe this week?
 The grass will still grow while the days are warm BUT when it gets cold nothing grows.

You would need a long neck to eat this grass!

The stock like the dry warm weather, they do well. 
When winter comes they use alot more energy to keep warm, and there is alot less grass to eat.

These calves have forgotten all about there MUMS!

I love autumn, every minute I get, I spend outside now, before the winter weather really hits!

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