Friday, December 16, 2011

Ripe and Ready!

Finally some of PopPop's oats is ready to harvest.

Dad checks the truck that will carry the oat grains to the silos to be stored.
Plenty of air in the tyres.

The header is ready.......and off it goes.

PopPop loves to drive the header, I think it is one of his favourite jobs, until it gets really hot. There is no cabin on the header so there is no radio or air conditioner. The dust from the oat seeds can be really itchy. It doesn't sound like fun to me! Our header is old, BUT it gets the job done. The new headers we pass on the roads are much bigger and have cabins.

The header cuts the seed heads from the stalk of the plant, and takes it in and sorts it all out. There is a big box behind PopPop where all the oat seeds are collected.

The header throws all the stalks and rubbish out the back.

When the box is full of oats PopPop empties it into the truck.

Loaded up..... the truck will empty all the grain into the silo. We will use it to feed the lambs or the steers or plant the seeds next autumn to grow more feed.

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