Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bumper Garlic Harvest!

Garlic harvesting got underway today.....a really dirty job after the rain yesterday.

Mum digs the garlic bulbs and my job is to clean all the dirt off them ready for drying.

Some of the bulbs are enormous. They really like good, rich dirt.

The chooks are very excited about the harvest, they cannot wait to get in and clean up all the grubs.

After the wheelbarrow is loaded up, in come the chooks. It will be like Christmas time for them!

A really dirty job....a bath under the garden tap and a change of clothes.

The garlic is put in a dark, dry place until next year.

Then I will sell it.....more money for my horse!

My harvest is over and Dad still has not got started on his....it keeps raining!


  1. Merry Christmas KT We love your blog. You are doing an awesome job of sharing your farming journey with the community.
    We know many school students have learnt a great deal about modern farming methods by following your exploits and everybody at Art4Agriculture salutes you

  2. Thankyou....I enjoy sharing my farming life with others...IT IS the BEST life. Not sure whether I will have time next year, as I start big school. I will see how I go!

  3. KMC wish Katie the best for school next year and EVERYONE hopes that a Pony is on the way...


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