Friday, December 23, 2011

Who is the BOSS?

The big boys came back home today.....hopefully they have made lots of baby calves with the cows.
They were ready to come home, they ran all the way and made lots of noise!

They were all put into the bull paddock, then guess what happened next!


they have been apart for 7 or 8 weeks. Now they have to work out who is the boss again!
They are very strong, I would hate to get in the middle of that fight!!

The bulls have a special fence all around their paddock to make sure they behave, it is electric.
If they touch it, they get a ZAPP, and they know to stay put!

In 6 weeks, a man will come and look inside the cows tummies to see if they are having babies. Then we have to wait until August for the babies to arrive.

1 comment:

  1. Hi KT, Hope the bulls don't keep you all awake with their bellowing.


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