Thursday, December 8, 2011

Green around the Edges.

Summer has finally arrived, the oat crops are slowly, ever so slowly changing colour.
They have turned from green to brown.

BUT are still not ready to harvest, there are still green seeds.

This oat crop is right next to our house. When the wind blows you can hear the oat seeds shaking in their jackets. I think they are a little like maracas. SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE!

Dad and PopPop have been making sure the harvester is all ready to go.
 We just need some real summer weather to make the grain ripe.

Have you ever been bug hunting.....on Sunday Dad and I had an adventure.

We went to the big dam at the back of house hunting for bugs. The dam was full of amazing bugs: tadpoles, frogs, baby dragonflies and little bugs that have oars like boats. We bought home a few and set up a little aquarium, it was great. I even took them to preschool for show and tell.

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