Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good, Bad and Beautiful

A very busy couple of days. Back in the sheep yards.

More sheep need to be crutched!

The one year old ewes that were shorn in January have to be sorted out, drenched with medicine and crutched. On Sunday Mum, Dad and I sorted the good ones from the bad ones. We have to look at every sheep in the mob. There are lots of things we look for in a good sheep.

They must be - big, have soft, long white wool, and lots of it!

I think they also need to look pretty!

The good sheep will have babies next year. They will breed more sheep for wool. The bad sheep will also have babies next year but they will be for meat.

The weatherman says it is going to rain, so all the sheep need to be put in the shed for the night so they do not get wet. The men cannot crutch them if they are wet!

Bella's baby Sparkles from last year, is in this mob, she is growing up big and has lovely wool.

Hello Sparkles!

Beau and Bear love working in the shearing shed. Dad uses them to get all the sheep in the pens ready to be crutched.

While Dad pens up the sheep Mum and I sort through the wool, we make sure it is nice and clean. There are a few of those bad burrs in the wool that comes off their heads. 

I love working in the shearing shed, I like sweeping up the wool and sorting it out. The men play music while they work, and sometimes I like to dance. I asked the men what they like best about crutching and they said the the money!


  1. Hi KT,

    we hope you got our email- we loved our package!!! Did the sheep like their sleep over party in the shed? We hope they went to bed on time. Thankyou for putting up more videos of the shearing shed- we love watching them! We think you are a good worker. We liked it when the dogs were hopping over the sheep- they are very clever. We want to know what music you listen to in the shearing shed? We are going to listen to some in our classroom.

    Love the OWLS.

  2. Hello Owls
    The shearers love listening to really loud, fast music. They say it makes them go faster. I am not sure it would be good for your classroom. Have you heard the song Click Go the Shears? I like it, I pretend to be a shearer while it plays.

    From KT


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