Saturday, July 23, 2011

Farwell, Goodbye

At last the sun has come back. Time to get some jobs done!

It is always good to have rain BUT some jobs we just cannot do in the rain.

The baby lambs have all grown up, most of them are 12 weeks old. They are big enough to leave their mums and look after themselves. They can drink water, eat grass and grow big!

When they are taken from their mums, they cry alot. I think mostly about missing the milk. Dad and PopPop will put them in beautiful paddocks where they will have all the green feed they like.

The lambs are drafted from their Mums, I am good at helping do this. I clap my hands and call out "WOOP WHOO!" and off they race.

The Mums are very tired, their baby lambs have taken a lot out of them. Dad drenches them with some medicine. The lambs also have medicine, this medicine will kill any bad worms they have in their tummies. They also get another needle to help them fight diseases.
Mum puts their eartag in....this year they all get green ones.

and then off they go to greener is up to their tummies!


  1. What a wonderful new start to life! xxThe Lenehans.

  2. Hi KT,

    It looks like you must have been really busy getting all the babies off their mummies. Your paddocks look really green- our seeds we planted are also growing!!

    We have a pet called storm. He is white and he is a baby goat. He has little horns and an ear tag too. It is orange. We feed him milk and hay. Storm is really cheeky and loves playing in the playground- he even snuck through the gate and took himself to the playground on the roof! At night some of the OWLS get to take him home- it is really fun. We talked about goats on the farm and tasted goats milk and cheese. Storm will stay here for one week and then he will go to a farm.

    Love the OWLS


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