Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meet the Sheep Daddies

Last week we had all the sheep daddies shorn. We have two different types of sheep Dads.

Merino Dads, they go with all the good ewes on the farm to breed wool.

Most of the Merino Dads have horns, they are very hard. Sometimes the Dads fight amongst themselves, their heads make loud noises when they hit each other. I have no idea why they do that, it might be just because they are boys!

We also have White Suffolk or Poll Dorset Dads.

These ones go with the bad ewes to breed meat. They are very big and very strong which makes them very hard to handle. The shearers give them a needle with some medicine before they are shorn to make them quieter. It makes it much easier for the shearers.

The weather is very cold outside, so we will keep the rams close. If it turns too cold we will put them back in the shed to keep warm. The sheep daddies are worth too much money to have them die!


  1. Hi KT,

    We want to know how many sheep daddies you have on the farm? (meat daddies and wool daddies) We liked looking at the picture of the Merino Ram and thought he looked tough with those big horns! Do you get scared when they fight? Today we planted the oats and triticale seeds that you sent us... we hope we get a big crop! We planted some for the class and some to take home. For the rest of the week we will be learning about sheep!!!

    Love the OWLS

  2. Hoot Owls

    We have 26 wool daddies and 7 meat daddies, we will need to buy some more meat daddies this spring! I hope you get lots of sunshine for your crops!

  3. It's definitely boys - rumble rumble rumble, it's all they do! xx The Lenehans.


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