Monday, July 11, 2011


It is the middle of winter and it certainly feels like it. At last......... the sun pokes through the clouds today. I hope it can stay for a while. Mum and I have not been outside much it has been TOO cold, the wind is like ice!

Winter is a hard time for the animals too. They use lots of energy to keep warm.

Very sad news.....Skippety died....and we have no idea WHY? He had been going great, he was really starting to grow. He was always first to the milk bar and loved to munch on hay. I wonder whether he was a bit too greedy and got a really big tummy ache!

We buried Skippety out in the paddock next to Princess Fiona, they will be together now.

Sometimes animals get sick or hurt, most of the time they get better again, BUT sometimes they are so hurt or so sick that they die, they can no longer stay alive. Mum says this can happen when they are young or old or anywhere in between. It is sad but it is the way things are and it is true for everything that is alive.

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  1. Hi KT,

    It is a bit sad that skippety died, we hope you are okay! It is nice that Princess Fiona and Skippety are burried together. We hope the sun comes out so you can play outside.

    Talk to you soon love the OWLS


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