Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tour of the Winter Vegie Patch

Winter is certainly here.......

It is so cold. Yesterday it snowed just over the hills from our farm. 

Dad and PopPop are in the workshop on cold days. Whilst Mum and I spend most cold days inside............................. today we rugged up and went out into the vegetable patch. 

In the winter I grow garlic in my vegetable patch, lots of it. In the summer Mum and I will dig up the garlic. We grow more than we could ever use, so Oppy sells it for me at the Craft Shop. Last year I made $90.00. I put it all in the bank! My garlic is growing good.

Mum has cauliflowers and broccoli.....

the rocket is going crazy...

the asparagus is in hibernation, we need to cut all the dead stalks down.

the rhubarb is good but the slugs are eating the leaves.

We planted some beetroot, lettuce and spinach but between the grubs and the cold they are having trouble getting bigger. We pulled out most of the weeds, but the cold winds soon sent us back inside to the fire! 

"I'll do the little ones you do the big ones Mum"


  1. Hi KT,

    We are really excited it snowed near your farm. We saw the snow on the news. Did you go to see the snow?

    We were wondering if you like cooking with your vegetables that you grow?

    We would love to grow vegetables.
    Do you think you would be able to help us decide what vegetables would be good to grow in the cold weather?

    Love, the OWLS!

  2. Hoot to you Owls,

    I did see the snow.....I was at Mobile preschool that day, and the snow was just over the hill, so we drove a bit further to see it. It was very pretty BUT FREEZING COLD!

    I love to eat the vegetables, my Mum does the cooking. My favorite vegetables are carrot, peas, broccoli and sweet potato. Can you grow vegetables on the roof?

  3. Hi KT,

    It is really awesome that garlic can grow in winter and that you got $90 for selling it.

    KMC grows lettuce, nasturtiams and marigolds in pots on their verandah.

    In science we planted some cucumber seeds.

    The chickens have laid some more eggs. Some of the eggs and vegetables the school grows are sold in the canteen.

    It is funny that the sheep wear raincoats. Skippety is so cute!

    Where will you go to school?

  4. Hello KMC

    You must be very good gardeners. Winter is a hard time to grow things is SOOOOO cold.

    I will go to school next year, I will catch a bus. My school is 35 kilometres from my house.


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