Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Broken Down!

We have lots of machinery on the farm, and sometimes things break down. Dad and PopPop are good at fixing most things BUT sometimes they have to call a mechanic.


PopPop's tractor is broken down

 ....something is wrong with the wheel. The mechanic came to the farm today to fix it, he has lots of tools, and he gets very dirty. 

It has been really cold on the farm today, Dad and PopPop spent most of the day in the workshop fixing or making things. It is a good place to be on a cold winters day. Sometimes I help out, I can sweep the floor, there is always alot of rubbish on the floor. I am not sure why they are so messy. 


PopPop has a special tool that picks up metal, I love to carry it around an pick up things, you never know what I might find?

It is TOO cold to stay in the shed today.....I think I 'll go home and warm up in front of the fire. Mum might make me hot chocolate and I think she has some marshmallows hidden somewhere!

Yummy in my Tummy!


  1. Hi KT,

    We are a class of preschoolers called the OWLS. We started reading your blogs last week and have had lots of fun reading all of your blogs- it took us a long time to read them all but now we have caught up. Our favourite blog is the video of the shearing shed where the shearers call out 'SHEEPO' we think it is funny and have watched it lots. We come from Sydney. Our kindy is different from your mobile kindy. We have been learning all about the human body. Our playground is on the roof of a tall building. Today it was very cold in our playground and we have been wearing jumpers, beanies and coats. We want to know if it snowed on your farm today?
    Love the OWLS

  2. Hello didn't snow on our farm. I wish it did. I really wanted to build a snowman BUT Mum and Dad said the animals really don't like snow especially the baby lambs. I love the shearing shed too, when we are shearing or crutching I don't want to go anywhere else but the shed. I was wondering how did they put your playground on the roof? Aren't you all scared that you might fall off the roof when you are playing?
    It is great that you enjoy reading my blog.
    Stay Warm

  3. Hi KT,
    We liked seeing the broken tractor that had its wheel taken off.
    When it was all foggy it was hard to see anything. Were the lambs scared that they couldn't find their mum or dad?
    Today our hens layed two eggs. They were warm because the chicken was sitting on it.
    Do you like your farm?
    Where is your farm? Can we visit if we are on holidays nearby?
    How many sheep do you have?
    KMC were surprised that the OWL preschoolers had their playground on the roof, too!
    Talk to you next week.

  4. Hello KT
    I am a teacher at Carrington Public School in Newcastle. Carrington is next to the port of Newcastle where lots of ships load cargo such as coal, wheat and lots of other things. I teach Kindergarten and half of Year 1 my class is K1S. I will be showing my class your blog next week after we get back from the long weekend. My class have a blog and you are more than welcome to come and have a look at the exciting things that the children are learning about in my room. If you would like to leave a comment on our blog you are welcome. If your Mum and Dad say that it is ok I will attach your blog as a link so the children in my class can have a look at home. Let me know in a comment on our blog if you want me to link your blog to ours.

    Ms Skehan
    Carrington Public School

  5. Hello KMC
    It has been very cold all week, some mornings frosty and other mornings foggy. The ewes and lambs call out to each other, they all make very different sounds, so they can find each other.
    I love the farm, I love all the animals and I love to be able to have all the space to play!
    Our farm is about 5 hours from Sydney, that is a long way. Maybe you could all visit a farm on Farmday next year!

  6. Hi KT,

    It took a really long time for the builders to make our playground. It took three big cranes to build it. The first crane took the equipment and the slide. The second crane took the softfall and the the third crane took the bricks and the sand. In our playground we have a trampoline, a slide, climbing equipment, steps, a big cubby house with a tunnel and a big sandpit. There is lots of room to run around and a special area with picnic tables (sometimes we have our lunch upstairs)..

    We dont feel scared playing on the roof we LOVE being up there.. There are two big fences upstairs to keep us safe.

    If we stand on the side of our playground we can see all the way into the city and can see The Centerpoint Tower,

    Talk to you soon,

    The OWLS


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