Monday, June 13, 2011

My backyard

There are always jobs to do on the farm BUT sometimes you have to make time for a bit of FUN!
I have the biggest is full of lots of fun things.

My cousins came to visit on the weekend, I love to see them. They live on a farm too, it takes them 3 hours to get to my house. I have played with them all weekend and it was an extra long weekend, there was no preschool on Monday!

We played hide and seek, football and lots of other games. 
They boys really wanted to have a sausage sizzle in the paddock, it was very windy. 
BUT Dad and PopPop found a special spot out of the wind.

Sometimes I think it is like having a gigantic park at my back door, we can run and jump. 

We go exploring to find exciting treasures.

There are even special balance beams to play on!

  The boys thought they would try digging for GOLD.....they didn't find any!

There are no other children that live near my farm, so it is great to have my cousins visit.


  1. Mackenzie said "I like your backyard. My backyard is small I play on the trampoline."

    Esther said"I like looking at your chicken. Carrington is near the river I have lived here all of my life since I was a baby."

    Cooper said "I would like to play football in your paddock. I play football in the school playground."

    Cadence said "I like your farm. I live on a little farm out of town and I drive 40 minutes to school each day."

  2. Hello KT

    It sounds like you had a fun weekend! Your backyard is beautiful. We would love to have that much space to play and run and explore!1We would like to know what Skippety is doing?

    love the Owls xx

  3. Hoot Hoot to you Owls....are you called the owls because you stay awake all night?
    Skippety is going great, he is drinking lots of milk and NOW he also eats grass. I let him on PopPop's oats everyday and he eats all day long!


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