Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bella's Baby Boy!

AT LAST.....lamb marking is finished.

2200 ewes went with the rams and there are 2130 lambs on the farm. Dad says that is pretty good, but there should have been more. When the man came and checked in the ewes tummies there were lots more lambs, BUT lots of the lambs have died. Especially the twins, it is very hard to have twins and make enough milk to keep them strong and healthy.

Lambs die for lots of reasons. Not enough milk, too cold, too wet, too big to be born, too little to live. And sometimes some very nasty animals kill them ....FOXES and CROWS!

My first pet lamb Bella, had another lamb this year. This time she had a boy, I have named him Henry. She is a great mother, she does a very good job of protecting him and has really good milk. Henry is growing up really fast.

Bella and Henry

We mustered Bella's mob on the weekend and I got to give her lots of cuddles. 

I love you Bella!

There was another surprise in Bella's mob....a speckled lamb. Like BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP!

Mum did have a small problem while she was mustering.....a flat tyre on the motorbike! I think she must of ran over a really sharp rock. 

No more sheep work for a while. The dogs can have a rest and I can too, I love chasing baby lambs BUT it sure does make me tired!

In 4 weeks time they all have to have another needle and they will leave their mothers!
So I will need to rest up until then.


  1. Hi Kt,

    It sounds like you have been really busy with all those lambs and sheep. Two thousand is so many - we would get so tired counting past two thousand!!! We wanted to know why the sheep have the pink things on their nose? It looks like they had their faces painted. Today we are making a farmhouse for our classroom.We hope you have a fun day at preschool today- what fun things did you do?

    Love the OWLS xx

  2. Hoot Owls

    It has been busy! Mum put the special marks on Bella and Henry so I would know them. It is like a crayon, it will wash off in the rain.
    Today I did craft, played with dinosaurs and walked on stilts!


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