Monday, June 20, 2011

Rugged Up!

All the big wether lambs are sold, Dad and PopPop are very happy. They have all sold very well. They made $5.40 per kilogram and weighed 21kilos.

PopPop was sad to see them go, so he kept 50 of the best woolled ones. He wants to see how big and woolly they can grow when they stay on the farm. Mum and Dad crutched them and then they put coats on them. 

They look funny looks like they have rain coats on!

and I think they might need them this winter!
It has been freezing!

The coats are to try and keep the wool clean. They will stop the dust and seeds from getting in the wool. We will take them off in the spring when they are ready to shear. It will be like unwrapping a birthday present....I wonder what the wool will look like?

Skippety is growing up all the time, he drinks lots of milk. And now he is starting to eat lots of grass and hay. Sometimes I open the gate and let him on PopPop's oats, he loves that. He also loves playing in the garden, BUT he gets into a little bit of mischief! ( He loves Mums roses). 

Sad news, Princess Fiona died. I am very sad about that, we buried her in a special place I can visit anytime. I still have 3 lambs, Skippety, Black Foot and Angel.


  1. Hi KT,

    We have finished learning all about the human body... our new project is going to be the farm because we love reading your blogs. we are going to turn our classroom into a farm.

    do your lambs like wearing the coats? we think they look cute!

    we are sad that Princess Fiona did she die? we hope you are ok!

    talk to you soon, love the Owls
    p.s we are called the owls because we are biggest! we arent nocturnal so we sleep at night!

  2. Hey Owls

    One silly lamb has already lost his coat....

    We think Princess Fiona ate a bad weed, she was very sick!

    I was wondering do you need any help setting up your farm, please tell your teacher I could help if he/she wanted me to. I could send you some farm things.

  3. Hi KT,

    We want to see if your pop pop has a spare coat for the lamb who was silly and lost his?
    sometimes if we loose a jumper at kindy we borrow a kindy one- we are learning to look after our things just like that lamb!

    Thankyou for helping us with our farm in our classroom. We would love you to send us some real wool from your shearing shed .. (we hope you choose the wool from the head not the bottom when you are crutching the sheep)and one of the special earrings that the sheep and cows wear on your farm.. can you please send us your email address so we can let you know our address..

    lots of love, and thankyou
    the OWLS

  4. Hi KT

    What a fascinating blog!The images are beautiful. My favourite is the misty shot where the lambs are looking for their mums.

    In Education Queensland, the teachers have an internal blog site. I'll put details of your blog there.

    Mrs Wilson

  5. Dear KT,

    Hi, my name is Riley. I am 7 years old and I am in 2KJ. I have enjoyed reading your blog.

    What have you been doing?
    Have you been good or naughty? :mrgreen:

    How many sheep do you have on your farm?

    Do you go to kinder and if so, do you have holidays soon?

    From Riley :oops:

  6. Hello Riley

    I am glad to you like our farm, today I have been at mobile preschool, playing with dinosaurs!

    We have lots of sheep, nearly 3000, plus all their baby lambs. We have cows TOO.

    Do all the children in your class read my blog?


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