Thursday, June 16, 2011

Round 'EMUP

Finally all the ewes with crossbred lambs have been marked.
698 ewes and 812 lambs, that means Dad picked up 810 and I picked up 2!

Dad says when I get a little bit bigger I will be able to pick up lots more. I need to eat all my meat and vegetables so I grow up strong, like Dad. The lambs are very strong and they can kick alot, Dad says you need to know just how to handle them.

The dogs have been very busy helping. Beau, Bear and Boy are very good workers. They love to help with the sheep work. Mustering ewes and lambs is hard work, the lambs lose their mums in the crowd. And their mums go crazy looking for them.

Sometimes when we are mustering the sheep I think they play follow the leader, they always follow each other, where-ever they go!

Over the bridge...................

and through the gate!

The dogs have to work hard to keep the mob together. Sometimes the lambs get together and race out of the mob, the dogs have to be very quick on their feet to get them back!

The dogs run a long way and they must get very tired. They love to get a ride home on the motorbike. Sometimes for a special treat Dad gives them some meat for dinner. I think they deserve it.

Bear, Beau and Boy all on BOARD!

Now they need to rest up....still more lambs to mark!
I wonder whether I am strong enough YET?


  1. HI KT,
    We are worried we would be bored if we had no children around to play with.
    It would be lots of fun to play in your backyard.
    Our local area has a lot of bushland. It is about a 20 minute drive to the beach so we all go there.
    15 children have a swimming pool,
    14 children have a trampoline,
    2 people have a tree house,
    11 children have a cubby house.
    6 children live near bushland and go walking in it.
    4 children have played in the local creek.

    Your dogs must be very intelligent.
    How do your dogs learn how to round up the sheep.
    We wish we had a dog like yours.
    We like your sheep.
    Do you know if Pinky is a rooster yet?

    The bush turkey ate our chicken eggs. Does anything eat your chicken's eggs?
    Talk to you next week.

  2. We love the photo of the puppies going for a ride on the bike!
    Meegan & Isabella

  3. Wonderful pictures! Benjamin misses the Quad bike and says he'd definitely still fit on therew with Stephen and all the dogs AND Kaitlyn!
    x The Lenehans.

  4. Hey KMC

    WOW the children have lots of things in their backyards!
    Not sure what Pinky is, I think he looks like a boy...but he is still too young to really tell.
    The dogs are clever, some dogs just know what to do and others have to be taught everything. Beau is by far the smartest, Dad is still teaching Kirk but he thinks he will make a great dog!
    Nothing takes the eggs on the farm, that is because there aren't any. Silky, Treefox and Bundle do not lay in the winter, and the chickens are still too little. Oppy has Isa brown chooks and they have heaps of eggs all the time!


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