Monday, December 31, 2012

Grand Opening!

The big day has come.....although not quite finished....a few chains and springs needed here and there.
Dad's new sheep yards were opened for business today.

And like all grand openings there were some celebrations to be had.
Mum and I surprised Dad with a ribbon cutting and balloons.
Every celebration must have balloons!.

Everyone is very pleased with Dad's design and all his hard work. 
Not to forget my painting!

The sheep loved the yards, they nearly drafted themselves!
The rams are due to come home, so we drafted them off the ewes.
Every ram has survived joining and they are all coming home.

Beau and Bear were a little confused by the new yards,
 BUT hopefully they will get the hang of it.

A good set of sheep yards......make life with sheep alot easier, for everyone involved.
The people, the sheep and the dogs.

We could have bought yards already made for ALOT of money. 
Yards to hold as many sheep as this cost about $25000.
Dad's homemade yards did not cost half as much as that. 
But it take alot of time to build it all. And time is money.
We will have to see how they work out, as there is another set of yards on the farm in desparate need of replacement.

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