Friday, December 21, 2012

DAM, water, DAM, water!

It is really, really dry on the farm.
 We have not had a good fall of rain for a very long time.
There is still feed in the paddocks BUT some of the dams are VERY, VERY low!

Warm days and hot winds drop water levels in dams very quickly.
A new job for Dad and PopPop is to check the dams in every paddock. 
If the dams get too low it is very difficult for the stock to get to the water, the edges get very muddy.

Over time the dams can collect alot of mud and sometimes big storms can cut gullies in the banks. On the farm that we brought there are two dams like this. Dad is making the most of the dry weather and making these dams bigger and better!
 A big bulldozer is busy at work.

This is the dam before....

and the gullies around it....

and this is the NEW dam....

Now all we need is the water to fill IT!

The next dam on the list....

and more gullies....

Dear God...please send us some rain....AMEN

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