Friday, December 28, 2012

Back to Work.

A couple of days off for Christmas cheer, followed by some light is back to work.
 There is more harvest to be done.

Today we are helping get trucks, augers and field bins to the paddock and I get to ride in the big truck.

We do not have as much crop to harvest this year.
 And the summer is hot and dry so the grain will not be spoiled by rain.
No need for big harvesting machines....this little guy should do the job.

Bad thing for me is...I cannot have a ride on this harvester.
Bad thing for Dad is there is no cabin that means no air conditioner, no radio.
AND lots of DUST and ITCH.

The new dams are nearly finished. Just a little bit of mud to move!

This is the bottom of the dam

This is the top of the dam...Can you see me? 

This dam will hold ALOT of water, when it is full.
 I wonder how much rain we will have to have to fill it up to the top. 
Maybe we could get some fish for the dams.
It would make a great home for fish. 

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