Monday, January 7, 2013


It is summer and it is really, really HOT and very, very DRY!

There has been no rain on the farm for a really long time. 
The grass is brown and crackly, the dirt is dry and dusty.
The feed for the animals is quickly disappearing, so too is the water.

Time to sell off some animals. 
Woolworths have taken another load of meat lambs at $4.00 per kilogram. 
 My other pet lamb Racer was on that truck, he made $97.00.

The last of the lambs will go to the sale yards this week. They are either too heavy or too light for Woolworths. 
So we will try our luck in the sale yards.

There are steers fat and ready for sale too. 
When the days are SOOOO hot, Dad and PopPop start work early.
 They mustered the steers early this morning for weighing.

Today it is a little cooler so I am off to help too.


All the steers are tagged and weighed. My job is to organise the ear tags.

Some of my pet calves are in this mob.
Curly, Clover and Freckles they have grown up very big. They are not as big as the ones that had their Mums to feed them but they are good. They weigh about 400 kilograms.
 I think they remember me?

A man is coming to the farm this afternoon to check the steers and make sure they are good enough to sell. If they are good they will go on the truck tonight.

More animals will need to leave the farm, as the feed disappears. 
I wonder who will be next?

While it is hot in the middle of the day Dad works in the shed. 
Henry Ford is broken down. His radiator that keeps him cool is leaking.
 Dad has had to pull Henry apart to get him fixed.

I do what I can to help...but it is pretty compilcated!
Henry Ford has alot of work to do soon, he has to help prepare all the paddocks for sowing.

But that will not happen until it rains.....I wonder when that will be.

Time to head back inside for me....too stinking hot! I am going to find a fan!!!!

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