Monday, December 10, 2012

Hot in the Country!

Summer on the farm, hot, dry, brown, flies, grass seeds, harvest, dust, water.

The hills are now brown. The hot sun and warm winds have dried the grass out and it is no longer green. 

 The flies swarm all over our backs and under the brim of our hats. 
Annoying sticky little black flies.

The animals spend most of the day sleeping under shady trees, they will graze the grass now in the cool of the mornings and early evenings. 

They will perhaps visit the dam or water trough sometime during the day for a drink.   Every paddock on the farm has either a dam or a water trough for the animals to drink from. Animals drink alot of water when it is hot.

The hot sun and winds have made PopPop's oats ripe and ready to harvest.

So too is my garlic crop...time for me to get busy.

Gibbo has moved in and made himself at home.

And Beau is tickled pink to have the newest member of the team on the farm....

Meet Beau's son.....MONTE...born 20th October 2012.

The hot weather makes Monte very tired!


  1. Are there any pups like Monte for sale? We think he looks very good and rather cute. Maybe he has a sister that we can get.
    We have finished our harvest and carting and all the Triticale is in the silos ready for next winter’s feeding. It is very hot here.

    1. I am not sure I will ask for you if you like. The weather is not too bad today, it is windy. The weatherman says it will be very hot on Friday.


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