Tuesday, February 28, 2012

WHoOpS! Dial 000

There are lots of things on the farm that are dangerous especially for little people like ME.
for big people.

You have to be a clever girl like me to play safe on the farm. There are dangerous places all over the farm. 
Dams, creeks and water tanks, silos, tractors, trucks, motorbikes, electric fences, chemicals, sheds AND ANIMALS.

Yesterday one of PopPop's steers proved to be a little dangerous. PopPop, Dad and the stock agent were about to load the steers on the truck to take them to market when one decided he didn't really want to go.
He 'bucked' his back legs in the air and accidentally hit PopPop.

PopPop landed on his back in the cattle yards and was in alot of pain.
Dad called the ambulance straight away, and they took PopPop away to hospital.

The doctor took special photos of PopPop's tummy and arms to see how bad he was hurt.
LUCKILY he has only a broken rib!!

He will spend a couple of days in hospital, the doctors can look after him best.

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