Saturday, February 11, 2012

One, Two or Empty!

Time to take a peek inside and see how many baby lambs the ewes have inside.

A big day mustering up ALL the ewes on the farm 2400 of them. The sheep yards are packed full of sheep.

Every ewe has to walk up into a special box......

and the man hiding in there scans her tummy to see how many lambs are inside...

a screen shows him how many lambs are hidden deep inside...

the ewes are then put into different groups, ewes with one lamb, ewes with two and ewes that are empty.
The empty ewes will be sold, they will not make us much money.

It is a very big days work, at then end of the day everyone is weary, even the dogs!
The work is not over yet.....all the sheep have to go back to the paddocks!
We have to prepare for the 3268 lambs that will be born in 2 months time.

OH MY GOODNESS .....that is alot of baby lambs!

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  1. That is alot of lambs on their way!!!"


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