Monday, February 6, 2012

Empty or In Calf?

Back to school for me today, my second week of many to come.
first things first......

A dozen pelicans flew onto the dam behind the house last night, so Mum drove me down to see them gliding on the water and feeding on PopPop's golden perch.
 He won't be HAPPY!

They are beautiful birds!

Off to the cattle yards to check on things, before going to the bus.
A man is coming today to scan the cows to see if they are all going to have calves.

All the cows are put into the crush and held there while he takes a peek inside.

Can you see the eyepiece hanging from his cap?

He sees a picture of what is inside the cow there. Then he lets Dad know if she is empty or in calf. Empty cows have their eartag number recorded and they will be sold once their big calves are weaned from them. They will not make us any money this year so they will leave the farm. The ones with calves are good girls so they get to stay!

A messy job putting your hand up there....lucky he wears long gloves!

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