Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Successful Lessons.

Farmer's blog aims to connect city pupils to the paddock

- ABC Central West NSW - Australian Broadcasting Corporation



  1. "Wow! That is a fantastic interview!! You really have done an excellent job bringing the farm to those who don't get that experience!! The students last year didn't live very far from you, but the things you showed them were still often very new and foreign for them! We loved checking it out each week and seeing what KT was up to! I hope more schools can get involved, and maybe even do the same thing from their perspectives?"

  2. "Congrats to you once impressed!! Really illustrates...'from little things big things grow'!! Here's to KT's Blog getting bigger and better this year! Well done

  3. This is brilliant - congratulations - I have read your blog and it's fabulous for school kids in the city. Go you!!!!"

  4. What a great idea!! Hats off to mum & dad & KT of course!!

  5. ‎....did you catch our story about five-year old KT who wanted city children to learn more about life on the farm... so she decided to start up her own blog. One pre-school in Sydney was so inspired by KT's website that they decided to turn their classroom into a farmyard! Check out her site for yourself


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