Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Work.

A week of school and learning, and then time to get out and get dirty.

There are more cattle to scan, a busy day in the cattle yards.
Lots of noise as calves call for their mothers, gates open and shut, and motorbikes move.

Dad and PopPop work the cattle in the yards, I watch everything going on with my baby doll Annabelle!

My job starts when the man has finished a mob. We will take the mob back to the paddock. One of my aunties has come home to help, so I am going to ride with her.
Mum will be on her own.
A big job for a Saturday morning, but by lunchtime all the cows and calves are back in the paddocks and happy.

PopPop is also happy. Nearly all his cows are going to have baby calves in August.

All hands on deck Sunday, a beautiful morning for blackberry picking!

Dad is very clever at finding things to do, so on the way home from picking blackberries, we do a little bit of fencing.
Dad says many hands make light work so we ALL get busy!

Down with the OLD....

and UP with the NEW

It will be so much better, it will keep the sheep and cows in the right paddock.
AND maybe even keep the kangaroos out too!

My job is to pick up all the old timber posts, then Mum will drive along and pick them up, they will make good firewood.

Dad says we have done really well...and thanks us for our help.


1 comment:

  1. Great looking new fence! Hope you kept a few bits for marshmallow toasters!! xThe Lenehans.


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