Friday, January 13, 2012

Weary and Worn.

Everything eventually gets old.....these old ewes are off to market.

They have bred many lambs and now they are too old to keep.
 Some don't even have teeth anymore!

The ewes averaged $71.00.....the fattest ones were sold before Christmas for $112.00.
Not bad for OLD GALS! 

The rams have all returned from the ewes, some a little worse for wear!

Sally and I can muster them up all on our own, the rams are very well behaved.

Foot sore and tired.
 Mum and Dad inspect them, some will need to be sold and some just require a little bit of tender, love and care!

A few new rams need to be put on the shopping list for next year.

A fresh paddock will do them the world of good.......

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