Sunday, January 29, 2012

Berry Delicious!

All the shearing over...... and a little bit of quiet time.....

summertime is the perfect time for picking blackberries!

Blackberries are a very bad weed on the farm, they can take over. The bushes grow SO BIG!
They make good places for rabbits, wombats and pigs to hide. All animals that are not very welcome on our farm. We try to spray most of the bushes, but the birds are very good at spreading the seeds and planting new bushes.

Lucky for us we have a few bushes that are loaded with berries.....YUM YUM!

The bushes don't let go of their berries easily...they have very sharp thorns, you need to be really careful.

The berries are very juicy, it is hard to get them past my mouth and into the bucket!

They can be just a little bit messy to!
Home with buckets full....time to start cooking.....

Blackberry Jam....

Blackberry Ice Cream....

Pavlova topped with Blackberries....

and Blackberry Pie

feasts of blackberries..... and MY FAVOURITE ice cream in a cone!


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