Monday, January 23, 2012

Snip, Snip.....Clip, Clip

Click go the shears AGAIN......more sheep to be shorn and wool to be pressed.

The merino lambs wool is long enough to be shorn now.

Blackfoot and Angel are in this mob, I wonder if I can find them....I hope they have nice wool.
WOW...Blackfoot remembers me, Mum and I have put an ear tag in each of his ears, so now we will always know him.
Angel is not so friendly....we can't find her in the mob...she must be hiding.

The weather has been very stormy this week, so every night we have had to shed the lambs to keep them dry.
We have had 5 storms this week!

Lots of thunderbolts and lightning! Very, very frightening......

The lambs look much cooler now they have their wool off. 
Back to the paddock, the wethers will get fat and ready to be sold.
And the ewes will be back in October to do it all again

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