Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fields of Gold.

Action stations everybody...........harvest is on again!

This year Dad has got another man to help get the grain off, his harvester is alot bigger and quicker than ours. Dad would take days and days, maybe even a couple of weeks to get the grain off. And there are lots of other jobs on the farm waiting to be done.

Harvest is a busy time, lots of trucks, tractors, headers and augers.

I can't ride on our header, it is too dangerous.
BUT I can ride on this one....

Can you see me?
 This crop of triticale has made Dad very happy, lots of grain has come off it.
4.3 tonne of grain for every hectare.

The silos are fast filling UP! All our silos are full and we have had to use some of the neighbours!

The triticale grain will be sold later, it is used for breakfast cereals and feed for pigs and cows.

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  1. I love all your posts. We wish we could go on the harvester!! We hope KT's having lots of fun! Love Oliver, Benjamin and Miss Molly xx.


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