Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fat and Finished!

Weigh in time....some of PopPop's steers are fat and finished and ready for sale.

All the steers need to have special ear tags put in, so the buyers know which farm they came from.
My job is to load the tagging gun.

Dad checks their teeth to make sure they still have their baby teeth.
They don't look much like babies anymore.

Look at the size of that BUTT, he is really FAT!

When my job is done, I find something that is even better FUN.....


Mum and I went to the cattle sale to see PopPop's steers sold.
PopPop would really like $2.00/kg for them, fingers crossed..................

As we leave the sale yards the big trucks start rolling in to truck the cattle away....I wonder where PopPop's steers will go?

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