Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crop Inspection.

Sometimes we just like to drive around.....BUT there is always a hidden purpose to Dad's drives!

We had a phone call this morning to let us know that the neighbours cattle had been on our crops. So what better reason for a drive and an inspection of the crops. Most of the crops we have grown are on our new farm. They were once paddocks covered in weeds and NOW................
I couldn't believe my eyes....the crops have grown SO much. They look fantastic!
Oats in the White House Paddock......last year it was all weeds!

Triticale in Lucan Paddock....last year this was all Paterson's Curse!

Triticale in flower....then it will fill with grain.
I wonder where we can put all this grain at harvest?
Dad has done a really good job with the crops.....all the weeds have nearly disappeared. He has had a little help from the fertiliser, sun and the rain. Hopefully they will make it to the finish line and fill all the silos with grain!

We secured the gate where the cows got through...hopefully that will keep them out!

On the way home we had a chance meeting with a shingle back lizard.

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