Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ready, Steady.......Shear......

So the week is underway....

Mum and Dad have finished crutching the last of the ewes. Now all the ewes should have nice clean bottoms. Hopefully there will be no wee stain or poo in the shearing shed.

The stock agent came out on Monday and drafted our meat lambs for the saleyards. He found 115 that are nearly ready BUT not quite.  Another week? The weather has turned very cool and the stock have stopped doing as well on the grass, once it warms up again they will boom along!

Drafting ready for sale lambs

Back to the paddock lambs.......got to get fatter!

Mum and Dad have also sprayed all the merino (wool) lambs with a special chemical to keep the flies away. It is a bit like the spray humans use in the summertime for flies and mosquitoes. It should keep them safe until they are shorn in January. Flies can kill sheep, amazing that a little insect like a fly can be so tough!

Merino lambs can be very diificult to manage, Mum says that applies to ALL young ones, animals and children alike! Once the lambs are one year old they become alot easier to look ater. Like all young ones they need to build up their immunity to worms and diseases.

Now a spot of cleaning in the shearing shed.....

we tidy up all the bits and pieces and give everything a good wash down. It is nice and clean for the staff that come to work. I would not like to work in a dirty, smelly place SO we do our best to provide a clean, safe working place!

You could eat off this floor!

Cleaning up a few odd bits of wool. Mum and I will take this to town tomorrow and sell it.

Catch this Dad....tying on the load
Loaded up!
And there is always time for a bit of FUN! Come on Dad!

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