Friday, October 28, 2011

To Market, To Market!

Time for the bulls to meet the cows.......

Dad and Mum take the bulls out, they are really BIG. One bull goes with each mob of cows, they will spend 6 weeks visiting the cows, then they will come home again!

left, right, left, right, march ahead!

Look at that dirty BUTT!

Now that shearing is finished there are a few odd jobs that need to be caught up.

The meat lambs that were drafted up for sale are now VERY ready! Mum and Dad have been busy in the shearing shed and have not been able to get them to the sale yards. Today was sale day and off to market they went!

Up the race....and
on the market, to market!

and off they went!

Dad gets to the sale yards early before it gets too busy, there are lots of lambs expected at the yards today 7000 or more. I hope the meat buyers like ours the best.

The lambs sold really well  $134.00, that is great.
Maybe we will have a few more for next week.

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