Sunday, October 9, 2011

Busy Boots Ready!

Spring has really sprung into action, we have had lots of rain.

Things have changed alot in the last couple of weeks. Two weeks ago we were really worried that the weather was too warm. Luckily it rained and it has changed everything! The countryside looks amazing! It is time to put our busy boots on....the next couple of weeks, are planned to be hectic.

It is nearly time to shear all the sheep! The shearers and shed hands will come to work in the shed. There will be lots of mustering work for the dogs. The meat lambs are ready for sale, so there will be a trip to the sale yards. Plus all the other normal jobs, feeding the chooks, collecting the eggs, feeding the dogs and playing with poddy calves!

My calves are growing very fast. I can muster them up all on my own.

Here they come, Stella, Freckles, Queenie, Stinky and Clover followed by Garnet and I!

They are fed twice a day, morning and night AND they know exactly when that is. They drink 4 litres of milk a day. WOW they will have strong bones! We have had one addition to the family Curly, his mum did not love him BUT I do!

The vegetables have all started to really grow.

Potatoes....hiding somewhere?
Lettuce, for summer salads!
Rhubarb, yummy cakes and puddings!

Asparagus....grows SO FAST....can you count them all!

Strawberries....summer fruits!

Spinach and Garlic gone CRAZY!
It seems everything loves springtime....including me....I wonder how much I will grow this spring!

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