Thursday, November 15, 2012


Thursday is my show and tell day and guess what I showed today....


Mum was very kind and brought Scratch into school. 
The children in my class were very excited to meet Scratch.
 I told them all about how we found Scratch and how we are looking after him. 
Most of the children had never been so close to a galah.

So here are some facts about galahs you might like to know....

Their back and wings are grey and they have a pink face and chest and a crest of a very light pink. 
They often form flocks of a few hundred or more and they can be fairly noisy in large groups. They make a distinctive high-pitched screech.
They are strong fast fliers and are often seen indulging in aerial acrobatics in large flocks. They can sometimes act like a bit of a clown, this is probably why in Australia if someone is clowning around or acting the fool they can be called a bit of a Galah.
Breeding time varies according to their location but generally in the north it is February to July, and in the south it is July to December. They usually lay three to four eggs, which both parents incubate for about 30 days.Both parents care for the young. They mate for life unless something happens to one of them, in which case they will take another partner.

Now we all know a little bit more about "Scratch" and his family.

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