Monday, November 12, 2012

Scratch and Rake!

The wet weather came and went...we had rain...just enough for now.

The hay is still on the ground drying out. A little hard to see now...

but after it is

a little more drying and it will be raked into bigger rows ready for baling.

After the rain the clover has started to grow again, the lambs will get to enjoy this clover.

Another addition to the family on the Scratch the baby galah.

We have been looking after him. Feeding him, keeping him warm at night.
Mum found him on the road all alone and brought him home. 
They are lots of creatures out in the paddocks at night that would gobble him up, like foxes and cats.
He sleeps in the laundry at night and during the day he wanders about in the garden.

Scratch can make alot of noise especially when he is hungry. 
So much noise that....something amazing has happened... his parents have found him. 

The only problem is that Scratch still cannot fly.
Each morning we let Scratch out of the cage and his Mum and Dad fly in and feed him. They fly in and out of the garden all day, visiting Scratch.
I love Scratch and I do wish I could keep him, 
BUT I think his Mum and Dad love him even more and it is important that they be a family.

1 comment:

  1. We are following KT’s farm life with interest – cute little bird – he is very lucky to have been found. We hope all the hay is all in.


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