Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Odd Jobs!

An inspection of Dad's yard building today....they are slowly , slowly coming together!

I love to pretend I am a sheep and test them out!

 It is taking him a long time to build them.
It is a job he does between all his other jobs.
 BUT they will be great when they are finished. 
It will mean that the sheep do not have to walk quite so far.

Spring time is fast approaching and it is a really busy time on the farm.
When the weather warms up the grass will grow like crazy and Dad plans to cut hay.
We are feeding some of the cattle hay and we will need to refill the hayshed.
This is the paddock he is going to cut the hay in. 

 There are a few trees that have dropped branches so we have spent some time picking up sticks and burning them.

If the sticks get caught up in the machinery when Dad is baling the hay they would break something and he would not be happy about that. 
So hopefully we will clear the paddock of sticks and he will not have that headache!

A little bit weary...will rest for a minute...

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