Friday, August 17, 2012

Final Weeks of Winter...thank goodness!

There are only two weeks until spring arrives and finally winter will be over.
I have decided that I like summer, autumn and spring best. Summer because I can go swimming, autumn because I can play in the leaves and spring because its spring!

I do not really care for winter.

The last month of winter is hard on the farm. The ground is so cold from all the frosts, and the grass will not grow. The wind seems to blow cold and strong. And we have not had a good  fall of rain for sometime. 
The weather forecast today is for a sheep graziers warning....SNOW! 
That warns farmers who might be lambing or shearing to move stock to sheltered areas.

The animals on the farm are looking forward to the end of winter too.

Each year we go through all the sheep, before they are shorn to sort them into different grades. We grow sheep for wool and meat. So all the best wool sheep are kept for breeding more wool sheep and the worst wool sheep breed meat sheep.

Mum and Dad started sorting some out yesterday.

The red nosed sheep are going to leave the farm, they will go to sale. The blue nose sheep are going to breed meat.

Dad counts them as they leave the yards.

 Guess who came through the sheep yards yesterday, my favourite girl....Bella.

Bella has a small problem, she has a cancer growing on her ear. 
So we have to remove the point of her ear, she will be brave, she knows it is for the best.

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